Presidential Campaign Of President Obama

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Political campaigns can elevate a candidate’s position, or a poorly run campaign can doom that candidate’s chances no matter how good the candidate is. At the end of the day all that matters is winning. That is the goal of political campaigns in a nutshell. There have been many tactics implemented when trying to run a campaign. Of the tactics implemented there are those that are believed to work better than others. Of those that work better than others are, mobilizing base voters by properly identifying who they are, having a clear message and spreading that message to voters, debate performances and fundraising efforts. In this paper the 2008 presidential campaign of current president Barack Obama will be measured along with the 2004 presidential campaign of John F. Kerry. In this paper both campaigns will be analyzed on what tactics they used properly, where they were not as effective and what could have been differently.
One of the most important factors when trying to run a successful political campaign is properly identifying and mobilizing base voters. According to the readings in the book Presidential Elections: Strategies and Structures of American Politics, it gives reasons why people do and do not vote. One of the reasons people do vote is because voting in some way or another makes the voter “feel good.” However when a campaign properly identifies their base voters, they can pretty much assume that those voters are going to go out and vote, but more importantly…
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