Presidential Election : American Citizens Essay

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In the upcoming 2016 presidential election, American citizens are not only choosing a candidate to become the next president and the leader of the United States, America is voting on a specific direction on many controversial topics that will become the foundation and future of this country. There are two very opposing candidates, Republican, Donald Trump, and Democrat, Hillary Clinton. Many people believe that this election is coming down to choosing between the lesser evil. However, Hillary Clinton’s professionalism and answers to numerous tough questions make her the best candidate to not only be the president, but to be the first woman president in all of the U.S. history. Hillary Clinton has numerous years of experience as a politician under her belt while her opposing candidate, Donald Trump has absolutely none. It is very important and crucial for a presidential candidate to have some experience with politics before running because they will have a broad understanding and good background knowledge of what it takes to hold a political role in society. They will know exactly what they want to change and implement for the better of the people. Hillary Clinton’s experience as a politician began as a young adult when she graduated from Yale University with a degree in law in 1947. During her summers as a college student, she completed some research and campaigning for political people in Washington D.C. In 1975, Hillary Clinton married her fellow law school graduate

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