Preventing School Shootings : A Unique And Difficult Challenge For Law Enforcement, Parents, And School Administrators

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Preventing school shootings presents a unique and difficult challenge for law enforcement, parents, and school administrators. Although the National School Safety Center states there is a decline in shootings on school grounds, the devastation and aftermath warrant a need for continued vigilance. Relatively low amount of school shootings makes establishing trends difficult. In addition, how are school administrators, teachers and parents supposed to differentiate between serious issues and ordinary adolescent rebellion? Although most studies suggest there is no single, clear, agreed upon profile, it is unanimous that there is a need for an informative, clinical diagnosis that can be used for future screening and prevention …show more content…

Teens who commit school shootings get the worst of it. Although they may be considered good students, each of the four most deadly shooters experienced delusional fantasies. The longer they are involved in violent delusional fantasies, the more introverted they become. At first they try to hide their feelings, afraid that they will be rejected for being abnormal. However, this leads to an increased need to express them (Robertz, 2007). In time, these fantasies evolve into an obsession. They consume their reality until it 's all they can think about. This leads to even further bullying, isolation and a strong need to strike back (Robertz, 2007). They will take a passive experience and turn it into an active one. In fact Robertz (2007) states that school shootings may be an act of revenge. The second common theme is a lean towards narcissistic personality disorder. Kohut (1972) states that men are born with animalistic tendencies to kill. Killing is deeply rooted in psychobiological makeup. Neuman, Assaf, Cohen, and Knoll (2015) conducted a study where they survived the text messages of 6 previous school shooters, and the blogs of 6056 males. The researchers found that the content of the text messages contained obvious signs of narcissistic personality disorder. In addition, they showed to have high levels of humiliation and revenge thought processes (Neuman, et. al., 2015). However again, it is difficult to study as the sample size is so small. Each of

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