Preventing Tragedy Of The United States

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Preventing Tragedy Since October 2014, 28 children in the United States have died in hot vehicles. In the past decade these deaths have been on the rise. According to the national nonprofit safety group
KIDS ‘N CARS, 622 children have died from being trapped in sweltering hot vehicles since 1990.(Kid’s ‘n Cars) The tragic death of Cooper Harris, the 22-month-old Georgia boy left to die in a hot SUV has recently gained public attention to this matter. This story has gained massive media awareness spotlighting the problem and unresolved issue of accidental deaths of children from heatstroke in cars. The point at issue is there is no legislative law requiring automobile manufacturers to necessitate heatstroke prevention technology in automobiles. This reoccurring tragic situation would be entirely preventable with a mandated child seat device. This device would feature a sensor warning technology system. Although this is a global problem, there are possible solutions. Every year heartbreaking and preventable deaths happen when children are left alone in hot cars. It is never okay to leave a child alone in a vehicle. This situation occurs when a parent or caregiver forgets the child in the vehicle or when kids enter unlocked cars without anyone knowing it happened. Within minutes, they can be in danger. Heat stroke is the most acute form of heat illness. It is a life-threatening medical emergency. This illness generally occurs when the body reaches 104…

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