Principle Of Ethical Behaviour

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Ethical Behaviour
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Abstract 2
Introduction: 2
Seven guiding principles 3
Global Business Standards codex 4
Fiduciary Principal 4
Property Principle 4
Reliability Principle 4
Transparency Principle 4
Dignity Principle 4
Fairness Principle 4
Citizenship Principal 4
Responsiveness Principle 4
Four unintentional influences: 4
Implicit Prejudice 5
In-group favouritism 5

Few years ago "Ethical behaviour" was a term used only by people concerning individual ethics. Today business ethics are equally important and is an integral driving factor for
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This extends to include the intangible assets along with tangible properties of the organisation.
Reliability Principle
This principle relates to the responsibility of employee fulfil all commitments made between him/her and organisation.
Transparency Principle
It is based on the grounds that the truthful information is always presented to stakeholders internally and externally in the organisation.
Dignity Principle
This underlines respecting the dignity of all business stakeholders. Including taking care of human health safety and privacy. Humiliation or any human offense should be dealt with severity at the company level. It is the sole responsibility of the company to maintain employees’ and customer’s privacy. Child labour should strictly be avoided. Child labour
Fairness Principle
This brings in the need for stakeholders to be fair in in treating another party, distributing resources for maximizing the benefits, competition with existing or new competitors.
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