Principles Of Integrity In Public Administration

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There are three ethical principles that are the most important for officials to excel in the field of public administration. These principles are ranked below from 1 being the most important to 3 being important. Demonstrate personal integrity (1) There has not been much discussion about the code of ethics in the past administrations than in Trump Administration. Personal integrity is an asset in today’s time where the political chaos runs the White House and where a hullabaloo takes place every week. The atmosphere of chaos prevails in the government and society, which causes disruptive governance to run in every level. In this presidency, there is a sense of aristocracy where the privileged class has taken over the voice of the people and only depends on those members of Congress who adhere to integrity to do what is right for the least privilege. Upbringing integrity to the best of one character brings out courage to overcome obstacles. It is not a secret that if officials who hold high positions and stand by their own decisions always fear repercussions, but with this administration, they fear dismissal. For example, the attorney general Saly Yates, who was fired after she defied the president’s executive order— banning people from seven Muslim-majority countries entering the U.S. (Newsweek, 2017). She decided to stand by her position and she was punished for demonstrating integrity on an issue that deserves more evaluation for policy implementation. Demonstrating

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