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Ten Care Tips for Your T-Shirt Creations

You invested your time, your sweat, and your tears into creating the perfect t-shirt creation. It doesn't matter if it's a tie-dye creation or a silkscreened masterpiece, you want it to last. Sadly, t-shirts are susceptible to fading, shrinking, cracking, graphic loss, etc. When you wear your shirts, the sun, the sweat, and other elements speed the deterioration of your tee. Further, the way you wash, dry and store your shirt plays a huge part in the life of your prized possession.

Thankfully, there are some things you can do to preserve your tee and lengthen its lifespan. Consider these ten care tips:

1. The safest way to wash your shirt is by hand in cold water. This isn't always a practical
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T-shirts that are not worn often should not be hung on a hanger. They should be folded and stored in a box or container. Plastic sleeves are another way to keep your shirts looking their best. At very least, they should be folded and kept on your shelf or in a dresser drawer.

9. Make a T-shirt Folder. An ally in the fight to protect your shirts is the proper fold. You don't want to run creases through your artwork. A shirt folder is a great way to quickly fold your shirts in a proper manner. A folder can be purchased or made for a matter of cents from common household materials (six pieces of 9x12 cardboard and a roll of duct tape). While cereal boxes are a little thin, they are the right size.

Place the rectangles three wide by two deep about a quarter inch apart. Connect the panels with the duct tape on the front and the back. The quarter inch of duct tape between the panels will act like hinges, so make sure they are pressed together well. The folder is now complete.

Lay your shirt face down on the folder vertically with the neck to the top. Fold the right two panels to the center. Leave the shirt, but pull the panels back. Repeat this move on the left. Fold the panel in the center bottom up toward the top. You now have a perfectly folded
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