Prison Life In Prison Essay

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Opening his eyes, all Jerry sees surrounding him is damp darkness. There are no shadows or people he can see. No windows but an eerie breeze blows past him, sending chills running up his arms. He goes to grab his 3ftX3ft blanket that covers only a portion of his body. The only sense of time he can tell 10am. That is when one of the security guard brings a tray of slop for breakfast. That’s only if you consider oatmeal drowned in 6-month-old gravy food. With only feeling the sun on his skin for two hours every week, his body craves warmth. Jerry has been in this jail cell for seventeen years for murdering sixteen different people. Jerry pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life in prison. While some people side with the opinion of sentencing prisoners to jail for life, others side with the punishment of the death penalty.
Sentencing prisoners to life in jail is a major sentence that destroys lives. The life of the prisoner and that family. Knowing deep inside that the prisoners mother or father or siblings will never be able to see them outside of that jail is truly heart breaking. However, they will always know where they are. Compared to the death penalty, many people believe that sentenced to life will show how serious the crime was and that it will not be tolerated. Being in that jail cell for 20+ years is torture and shows that that punishment is all you need to understand and repay your crime. The death penalty costs more, delivers less, and puts innocent lives at risk.
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