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Animal experimentation has become very a controversial topic in the United States of America today. In many countries it is still legal to poison, blind, and kill animals for cosmetic uses. While many of the experiments conducted on animals today is required by law, most of it is not. In fact, many countries have placed bans on the testing of certain products on animals. Thousands of animals every day are euthanized owed to animal testing. Due to of the care that animals are enduring, people debate whether animal testing should be implemented at all. Some people believe that animal testing is beneficial in many ways. The people that see animal testing as beneficial say that without animals, medical developments and the military would not be…show more content…
According to, "Chimpanzees share 99% of their DNA with humans, and mice are 98% genetically similar to humans" (Should Animals Be Used for Scientific or Commercial Testing?) Animals can develop the same diseases as humans for example, animals can develop almost every type of cancer that humans can become ill with. The number one killer in America is Heart Disease. "Heart disease and related conditions affect fifty-two million Americans and cost our nation $274 billion dollars a year. “These conditions are the number one killers of men, women, and children." (American Physiological Society). Due to the testing of medicines on animals, the death rate has decline enormously. With the tests conducted on animals many treatments and preventions were made. The second highest killer in America is HIV/AIDS, today in America nearly one million citizens have been diagnosed. "There are treatments but still no cure for this disease that cripples the immune system and is fatal in all but a handful of cases." (APS). Researchers are working hard to find a cure. The virus is being tested in chickens, cats, and monkeys. The most favorable drugs and possible vaccines are first tested in mice and monkeys before being used in clinical trials with human volunteers who have the virus and are usually close to death. Coming in as the third highest killer in the United States is Cancer. "Treatment of 100 kinds of cancer costs our nation an estimated $107 billion dollars a year... In the 1930s, less than one cancer victim in five survived for five years. Today, almost half the people diagnosed with cancer will live at least five years, and some never have a recurrence of their disease. There are 8 million Americans alive today who have had cancer." (APS) When cancer infects the body, it invade the healthy cells killing them and multiplying more and more of the diseased cancerous cells. Chickens were proved
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