Problem Analysis Of Ethiopian Airline

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The airline has been the most profitable company for the last two consecutive years. As a result of quality service performance, UN secretary general Mr. Banki-Moon nominated the Ethiopian airline Chief Executive Officer Mr. Tewelde Gebremariam to serve as a member of his high level advisory group on sustainable transportation. (Selamta March/ April 2016,“In flight magazine of Ethiopian airline”.
1.3 Problem statement
Ethiopian airline is one of the service selling business companies. Thus, it is critically important for the airlines to measure customers’ perception and expectation of service quality because customer satisfaction is determined by many factors such as safety, punctuality, courtesy and responsiveness of the cabin, crew behaviors etc.
Fulfilling the required service quality for passengers’ is one of the value adding assets for airlines business in the
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Therefore the survival and competitiveness of the aviation industry is directly related to the profitability and profitability is a function of several qualitative and quantitative factors but one of the qualitative determining factors is that no organization can remain profitable without customers. Various strategies have been designed and implemented by Ethiopian airline to attract and retain customers, which includes introducing and timely updating with new technology, modern aircrafts, staff capacity upgrading, expansion of airports. Whatever strategy is designed and implemented profitability is the main function of the quality of services. Customer service quality is a key differentiator and a main source of competiveness in modern business environment. The cost of a poor quality is therefore unrecoverable bankrupts which is the main bottleneck for any business to
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