Problem Solving Reflection

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One thing that I have very significant as a student of problem solving is continually using the entry phase when given a problem. The entry phase allowed me to focus on the logistics of the problem. The following questions is what I found myself asking as a learner of problem solving: what are you trying to find/want to know about the problem, what do you know about the problem and what questions do you have? I not only used these questions in problem solving, but also in my other math classes at UNI. They helped think about what was important in the math question I was trying to solve. I have always struggled with comprehension, I know if I was introduced to this method when I was elementary school, I would have been successful in word problems. These three questions allow the students to break down the question and think before trying to solve. It almost slows down their thought process, which can be beneficial for all types of students.
Constantly having to ask yourself “why” and “how do you know your answer was right” was a consistent struggle for me. For this class, I could always explain my thought process on how I solved the problem, but was never able to explain why it was right. Which, I obviously still need to continue to improve my mathematical thinking as a student. It’s almost like when someone asked me why, my brain shut down and I didn’t know how to get passed it. But when someone else explained why the answer was right, it made a lot of since. It was almost

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