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For the TGMD-2, my participant was named James Williams. He is a six year old boy who is in first grade at Just Elementary and his physical education teacher is Coach Mark Perry. For his age, William possessed advanced movement on a lot of the tasks. With regards to the TGMD-2, it will be beneficial to look at each of the specific activities and where the William was at developmentally. The first set of activities that he performed was locomotor movements. Out of these, a total of six different assessments were completed. From the six that were completed, five will be evaluated in greater detail. The first activity he completed was running. For this, William was proficient and stage 4 for this task. This entailed him having both arms mobbing in opposition to legs with the elbows bent. Additionally, there were brief periods where both of his feet were off the ground. Moreover, he had narrow foot placement and did not land in a flat footed manner. Lastly, his nonsupport lef was bent approximately 90 degrees. For the next activity of galloping, William was at stage 3. When he performed this, he had his arms bent and lifted to his waist for takeoff. Also he took a step forward with his lead foot followed by a step with the trailing foot to a position that was adjacent or behind his lead foot. Beyond this, he had brief periods where both of his feet where off the ground and he maintained a rhythmic pattern for greater than four consecutive gallops. The next task that

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