Problems, Needs And Demands Require Solutions. . Healthcare

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Problems, needs and demands require solutions. Healthcare has long been an industry that has been challenged in immeasurable ways to be effectively and efficiently responsive to patient, clinical, and medical problems, needs and demands. The challenges healthcare providers and professionals face today are only growing, but big data is providing solutions that are improving healthcare services and patient health. Future healthcare cost projections are nothing short of depressing. The general life expectancy of the population is higher now than in years past, because we live among generations of people who have come to appreciate and desirously pursue slowing down aging and fighting disease. By year 2020, the US population is expected to…show more content…
But, There is Much More to Big Data The application of big data is not limited to the aforementioned. Patient data is collected in volume that can encompass lengthy medical history for any given person. That data serves as a tremendous force in supporting hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, medical research labs and insurance companies. Reason being, the data could have connection to diseases, treatments, and even supply and equipment requirements or expenses. Analysis have shown that information about any genetic factors, the probability of genetics affecting patient health, validation of whether medications are legitimately improving patient health status after prognosis, or discovery that there are implications for an ethnic group can be discovered (Weber, 2016). A huge advantage that stands to be gained with big data is that a unified approach to healthcare can be formulated. This has not traditionally been a common practice, as institutions have distinct characteristics and usually only shared information based doctor’s request and patient consent. Connected healthcare implies doctors could work together to find solutions with open access and data sharing. Traditional barriers would be broken and management teams from different healthcare organizations are able to share information and knowledge about best practices, improvement strategies and new
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