Problems With Chronic Renal Failure

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Mark is a four year old male who has been diagnosed with chronic renal failure. Mark has two older brothers, John and Max. His mom, Carol, is a teacher at the local elementary school. His dad, Mike, is a community police officer. Mark goes to preschool from 0800-1200 four days a week. They live in a rural community in small four bedroom house with their dog, Bruno. Everyone in the community seems close and supportive. Both Mark’s older brothers caught strep throat at school and then Mark caught it. The strep wasn’t treated for two weeks as his mother thought his symptoms were allergies. Mark was in the clinic with his mom with symptoms of decreased urine output, rusty colored urine, and swelling of the abdomen. The doctor diagnosed him with acute post streptococcal glomerulonephritis (GN). Now, three months later, Mark is still having signs of decreased urine output, fatigue, and very bad breath. The doctor diagnosis him with chronic renal failure (CRF). Before they leave the clinic, they receive education and a referral to a nephrologist.
Due to Mark’s age, the information will be presented to Mike, Carol, John, and Max. The doctor will gather the family and discuss the diagnosis and treatment plan. He brings two articles about children who were recently diagnosed with CRF, several pamphlets, and an internet site to refer to with any non-emergent questions. If an emergent situation were to crop up, someone should call 911. With Carol and Mike lacking in medical background,…

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