Essay on Problems with American Education Today

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According to Dudley Devlin writes that high schools education in America has three main problems public vs. private schools, high stakes tests, and laws forcing students to say the pledge of allegiance and take a course in U.S patriotism. In first paragraph, he explained that high school students need to know about US history but at the same time they need to know about other cultures because the education is becoming narrower and students becoming less knowledge. For example, instead students learn about America or Europe history, they need to know about Asia and Africa history. In addition Professor Martha support his idea about the international education. Also, universities around the states have courses about America’s place in the …show more content…

are located, because we have classes about world geography and Oman geography at the same time. From this experience that I had, makes me I agree with author to enhance students global knowledge. The author idea was to change education system in high schools to be more open about other cultures than just focus in America culture. Second, issue is the courses in the states university. Dudley says the courses in universities around the states are focusing about America affect on world not about other cultures. The affect of this courses in my opinion, is American students often treated the foreign students according to the stereotype of the country or religion. In addition, the stereotype is really a big problem that could makes walls between American and foreign students. From experiences, people judge me because I’m wearing scarf and the stereotype about my religion that we are terrorism. For example, one of my classmates said for me “I was afraid from you because I thought you will harm or do something bad for me because you wearing scarf”. The media increases these stereotypes, and American media has a lot about terrorism. However, the education can change these ideas. If the education gives students information about the other cultures history, and how the people live there its might help to clear the misunderstanding. What did happen with me makes me feel sad because some people still have this idea about my religion even there are American

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