Process Of Making And Introducing A New Application

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Production Needs When dealing with the process of making and introducing a new application sometimes the time frame that is given can have adjustments made for several reasons. In order to understand the process we must give a breakdown of estimated cycle time and estimated takt time. “Cycle time can mean the total elapsed time between when a customer places an order and when he receives it. This definition can be used externally, or with internal customers. This definition actually pre-dates most of the English publications about the Toyota Production System” (The Lean Thinker, 2010). There are several definitions for cycle time, but for a fitness application it would be beneficial to use the machine cycle time. “Machine cycle time, which is the start-to-start time of a machine and is used to balance to a manual work cycle and, in conjunction with the batch size, is a measure of its theoretical capacity” (The Lean Thinker, 2010). Unlike cycle time, takt time is a calculation that is required. The equation is available minutes for production / required units of production = takt time. Of course there is a written definition which states, that “people tend to get wrapped up around what constitutes “available time.” The “pure” definition is usually to take the total shift time(s) and subtract breaks, meetings, and other administrative non-working time” (The Lean Thinker, 2010). A bottleneck process is when “products are usually produced through a lot of processes in a factory,
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