Process Safety Management Process in Oiland Gas Industry Essay

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Process Safety Management in oil and gas operations involves a risk management system that focuses on identifying and controlling the hazards arising from oil and gas Processes.Process safety management in oil and gas operations has proven quite a big challenge for oil and gas operators and stake holders involved in the industry. Oil gas and operations involves a complex process that is characterised with hazardous substances, if not controlled and managed properly could lead to major accidents. Since the inception of oil and gas industry, it has recorded series of process related incidents which have led to the development of various process management principles and system aimed at controlling the risks involved in …show more content…

).Piper alpha would be used as a case study to demonstrate the weakness in process safety management of that period (20th century) that led to implementation of various process safety related regulations and standards and redirection of process safety management in oil and gas operations.

CASE 1- Piper Alpha accident, UK Offshore.

This accident occurred on 6th July 1988 which resulted to the death of 165 workers and two rescuers. This accident resulted from a gas leak that occurred after the restart of a pump that was closed down for maintenance. The pump was erroneously started as resulted of poor communication at shift changeover. Fundamentally, the safety of piper alpha was compromised the day it was put into use for a different service it wasn’t design for. Furthermore, a proper hazard analysis wasn’t carried out However; there was also inoperative evacuation plan and control system. Lessons drawn were: * The need for a formalised and effective system of safety management * Formalised safety assessments for identifying and evaluating major hazards * An effective Emergency response and safe evacuation plan. * The need for proper management of change

The piper alpha and other major accidents led to need for a performance oriented process safety management which involves a systematic management of risk through a process of continuous

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