Procrastination Is Never A Stranger

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Procrastination was never a stranger and never will be stranger to human. It existed in the society for a very long time, and existed in many cultures and regions alike. The word procrastination comes from the Latin word 'pro ' and 'crastinus '. 'pro ' means forward and 'carstinus ' means tomorrow. Together it means to delay and postpone a work that is supposed to be completed right away.

Every human being procrastinate. Procrastination comes to a person naturally, it only becomes important when you begin to procrastinate deliberately. When you start looking for reasons and other issues just to procrastinate your work then it is a very bad habit and you will need to rectify it right away.

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They are often linked to the habits such as poor concentration, lack of interest in studies, depression, anxiety and these situations also act as a catalyst in the process of procrastination.


The humans were the same as they were thousands of years ago as they are in present. They all have this unending and increasing tendency to put off the works and procrastinate their immediate commitments.

The historical researchers and scientists has found that in the Jewish ethical teaching articles which was published in 200 C.E, showed many verses and lines that told people not to procrastinate and put off their commitments and other important works. Bible also tells and points out the people 's tendency to put off important things. Jesus has said that the important duties and commitments must be fulfilled immediately.

But the history has also taught us that the principle and the concept of procrastination varied with each and every culture. In the earlier days France was an aristocratic society and all the labours

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