Procter & Gamble: the Pringles Launch

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Case Report ------------------------------------------------- Procter & Gamble Italy: The Pringles Launch Group N°1 Jorge Quiñonez Alonso Díaz Otto Schroeder Jaime Rodriguez 1. A brief introduction of the situation presented in the case Procter and Gamble (P&G) was founded in 1837 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. The innovative strategy & intimate understanding of consumer needs, made this small family-run to become one of the world´s most important consumer goods businesses. In 1980 became a truly global company investing in news companies and expanding its presence internationally. Around 1999 more than 300 brands in 140 countries generating total sales more than 38 billion dollars and provide jobs to 110,000 employees,…show more content…
Chart 5 – Market Test-Results Top Line Chart 6 – Market Test – Flavor Comparison Finally, the main problem was to establish decision in different concepts such distribution, target market, positioning, retail price, flavors, communication, investments, among another minor issues. The question that they were trying to understand was which is the right strategy based on all the data they have obtained. 3. A description of the possible alternatives The marketing team was still uncomfortable with the GBU guidelines, so they have to decide between: * Target Market: aiming the product at mothers and fathers from 5 to 17 years old; or follow GBU guidelines? * Positioning: a mass product to be introduced as rapidly as possible (to avoid reactions from the competition) or for a different positioning? * Distribution: to traditionally/mass channel and chain supermarket (already covered by P&G), or another distribution channels? * Retail Price: The 200 g box to 2,990 lires, but because of cost it had to be 3,190 lires and the 50 g box to 2,000 to 2,500 lires for the Ho.Re.Ca. channel. * Flavors: aside from Original and Sour Cream, which was the third flour, Barbecue or Paprika? * Communication: Through television, press and radio with a message with young people expressing vitality and eating Pringles and showing the box. This with a slogan of Pringlesmania “once you Pop, you can’t stop”. *

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