Proctor And Gamble Financial Analysis

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The Proctor and Gamble Company is a multinational corporation, formed under the state laws of Ohio, whose principal office is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The purpose of this company is to produce, manufacture, buy, and sell merchandise that falls into ten main categories: fabric care, home care, baby care, feminine care, family care, grooming, oral care, personal health care, hair care, and skin and personal care. Within these ten categories, the company produces, markets, and sells sixty-five individual products. They used to have a much larger inventory of products, but in recent years, the company went through a streamlining effort, and dropped almost one hundred products that were only making up five percent of their sales so that they would be able to focus on the sixty-five that accounted for ninety-five percent of sales. They sold the products and rights to the products to a number of different companies, through a series of trade agreements and buyouts.…show more content…
The total amount of revenue from P&G on the income statement was 65, 229 billion. The net income on the income statement was 32,390 billion. The classes of stock outstanding were Convertible Class A: preferred stock, with six hundred shares authorized, Non-Voting Class B: preferred stock, with two hundred shares authorized, and Common Stock: with ten thousand shares authorized. The market price of a stock in The Proctor and Gamble Company, as of Friday, the 11th of November, 2016, was $83.58. The highest price of the stock in the last twelve months was $90.33 and the low was
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