Producing A PAI To A Client

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7. How should you introduce an administration of a PAI to a client? How do you do so to ensure the client is most likely to respond to items and produce a valid administration profile? (~1-2 paragraphs, 4 points) You should introduce an administration of a PAI to a client by explaining the test and why you are using it. It is then good to share how the PAI is an evidence-based test commonly used in several settings to obtain information about a variety of strengths, problems, and personality traits. You should further explain that the PAI covers a broad range of topics both thoroughly and efficiently and provides norms and comparisons to profiles that have been established. It is important to note to the client that the test is informative and valuable and will help with treatment …show more content…

The client can do that by choosing the best answer that is most accurate to their personality, even if some items may not be applicable to them. It is important to emphasize to the client that they should answer every question to the best of their ability and not skip any questions as all questions help gather important information. It is helpful to point out to the client that by rushing through the PAI and not filling the test out carefully they can invalidate the whole assessment and there are and they will be wasting not only your time, but also their time. It is important to make sure the client is as comfortable as possible when filling out the PAI. It is important to encourage clients to voice any concerns they may have about the test and if the client has concerns about taking the test it is encouraged that you talk through the concerns with them and provide resolutions or reassurance. It is also encouraged to discuss any problems or fear the client may have about completing the test. It is also important to check in with the client every 10-15 minutes when they are taking the test to assure they are

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