Product Development And Product Life Cycle Management

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Product Mix: Product Mix Means The Set Of All Product Lines And Items That The Company Offer For Sale.

At Present Our Company Has Only One Products “”. Our Future Product Will Be Orange Juice And Mango Juice, That We Will Offer Very Soon.

Product Strength And Weakness:

Our Main Product Strength Is Available Raw Materials At Lower Prices. Because Of Lower Raw Materials Our Production Cost Is Low.

The Main Drawback Of Our Product Is Storage And Transportation System, Because We Collect Raw Materials From Our Rural Areas. Collecting The Raw Materials From Trees Also Sometimes Difficult For Old Collecting System.

New Product Development And Product Life Cycle Management:

Product Development: After Collecting The ZAP, We Refine It To Make It Hygienic And To Maintain Vitamins And Minerals. After Refine We Packaged It In A Proper Way For Future Storage And Sells.

Product Life Cycle: Product Life Cycle Has Several Stages Product Development, Introduction, Growth, Maturity And Decline

Our Product Is On Its Introductory Level.

Brand Name: JIHAR

Brand Image: As A New Brand We Try To Create A Responding Brand Image For Our Product.

Brand Equity: With A Brand Name, Logo, Mission, Slogan, Attractive Marketing Program And Promotional Activities We Try To Aware Our Target Customer And Try To Create A Brand Equity.

The Augmented Product: The Date Palm Juice Is Our Traditional Drink. By Using This Drinks We Make ZAP Juice. This Food Is Hygienic And…

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