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ANSWER KEY A Name__________________________ Row__________ Marketing 3213 Summer 2011 Distance Learning Exam 3 Do not open this booklet until instructed to do so. Darken the correct answer to each of the questions on the answer sheet. If you have any questions please ask the proctor. When you have completed the exam, hand in the exam and answer sheet to the proctor. A 1. Which of the following is not one of the variables used by customers to evaluate …show more content…

The phrase “channel cooperation” refers to a situation where: a. all members of the channel earn equal margins on the products sold. b. there is harmony between the marketing objectives and strategies of channel members. c. all members of the channel have equal amounts of “power.” d. there is no “channel captain” and no need for one. e. channel members are kept in line by a “channel captain.” A 15. Which of the following is true? a. The optimal product mix is hard to detect. b. A very high percentage of profits from a few products of a product mix is a good indicator of the optimal product mix. c. Steadily decreasing profits would indicate an optimal product mix. d. If your production plant is operating at the lowest cost per unit output, you have an indication of suboptimal product mix. e. All statements are true. A 16. Which of the following is true about the series of stages that the individual customer goes through in the process of adopting a new product? a. The key for the marketer is to determine which stage is the most critical for his/her product. b. The goal for the marketer is to make potential customers aware of the product. c. Trial is always the most crucial stage. d. Personal influence does play a role for laggards. e. Personal influence does not play a role for adopters. B 17.

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