Product and Competitve Environment for Miller Brewing Company

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Product and Competitive Environment
Miller Brewing Company is an American beer brewing company founded in 1855. It is owned by SABmiller, which is the second largest brewer in the world behind Anheuser-Busch. The company is most famous for its Miller brand beer, and its varieties. The most popular one is Miller Lite, followed by Miller Genuine Draft, Miller 64, and Miller High Life. In addition to these four popular ones they have ten different more beers. The company currently has seven main brewing locations around the United States. These locations are: Milwaukee, Wisconsin (which also serves as its headquarters); Albany, Georgia; Irwindale, California; Fort Worth, Texas; Eden, North Carolina; Trenton, Ohio; and Chippewa Falls, …show more content…

The Hispanic market in particular is the fastest growing group of people in the United States, and being able to successfully advertise to them is key in seeing a business succeed. The current market size for the Hispanic population makes up 17 percent of the United States Total population, this is around 53 million people as of 2012. In fact, the United States has the second largest group of Hispanics in the world behind Mexico. This staggering percentage is predicted to grow to around 128.8 million people or 31% of the United States by the year 2060. To keep up with the growing population.
When marketing towards a target demographic, a company needs to look at where the most people of that demographic reside. The top ten biggest states for the Hispanic Population are: California, Florida, Texas, New Jersey, Illinois, North Carolina, Colorado, New York, New Mexico and Arizona. Marketing efforts need to be directed in these states first and foremost to get the most bang for your buck in terms of the target demographic seeing it.
Marketing Objectives
According to the Miller marketing division, it has a few main areas of focus for its advertising, before any advertising is done they need to see who is drinking what, after that, sales are looked at and reports are made to see where and what buyers are buying. They then research the actual buyers. Finally,

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