Production And Downsizing Of The Organization

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Production and Downsizing There are times when a business is faced with a sudden need increase its productivity. This can be caused by a boost in popularity of one or more products, or an opening within the market. The best way to bolster productivity is to assess the current structure of the organization. The workforce, processes, supply, and goals must all be evaluated. Understanding where cuts need to be made is often an important factor, as well as knowing if you will be able to successfully satisfy the demands of the consumers that are awaiting the product. Changing the structure of the organization into a functional structure would be propitious for the company given the goals it wishes to achieve. Functional structures are excellent for creating employees with highly specialized and specific skills, which could certainly be beneficial in a candy company. Having employees with in-depth knowledge of the product can push the company towards further success in the future. These employees are often considered star employees, which are noted for being fast, efficient and confident. “Specialization leads to operational efficiencies and enhances productivity levels” (Davoren, n.d.). While functional structures have their strengths, the weaknesses are also important factors to consider. Communication, an undeniably vital aspect of any organization, can become strained and stalled within functional organizations. Employees can become too focused on their individual tasks and

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