The Department Of Navy 's Functional Structure

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The company I have chosen is the Department of Navy created their Functional Structure which was based of learned lessons from past military employment history. The Navy’s functional structure provides organization according to a jobs or an individual’s purpose within the organization. Departments that focus on a single function or goal most easily recognize functional organizations. For instance, an organization with a marketing department, a human resources department, a research and development department and so forth, operates according to functional organization. The functional structure provides employees, as well as their appropriate departments, with a clear objective and purpose for their work. As an example, employees within a marketing department know that their job is marketing and, as a result, those employees can focus on improving their marketing work and even specialize in a specific area of marketing. On the other hand, functional structure can create divisions between departments if a conflict develops between departments. How is the company able to keep all the employees up to date on company strategies and tactics within the current company dynamics? Is it effective? Management sets objectives and charts a course of action so as to be proactive rather than reactive to the dynamics of the business environment. The assumption, of course, is that through its continuous guidance management can enhance the future state of the business. Business planning is
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