Professional Athletes Are Not Above The Law

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Often times, professional athletes are role models and revered heavily by the media, franchise, and the organization that the athlete performs for. However, to see a pro athlete fall and suffer due to accusations and evidence brought against them is a very serious issue. There have been so many past court cases where professional athletes have had to pay for their actions against their organization or against society. Athletes are not above the law, but they are generally portrayed to be seen above the law because of their financial success. Based on past court cases, professional athletes are not above the law because they are simply still people that make mistakes. Also, athletes are not the exception to the law. They have to follow the rules of society just like everyone else. Finally, professional athletes are not above the law because they have a reputation to up hold. They are sometimes being watched by millions of people on national television. Professional athletes are still people that have made mistakes in the past. There is no professional athlete that does not wish that he or she did not make the mistake that was made. A great example would be NFL Running Back Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings. The article discusses how Peterson had punished his 4-year-old son with a switch bare bottom. Peterson had admitted that he had beaten his son enough for him to draw blood. The court had declared this as child abuse against Peterson. Although, Peterson had defended
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