Professional Interview : Nurse Practitioner Core Competencies

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Professional Interview
There is no better way of learning about a future role or positions, then getting opinions and viewpoints from someone who has experience your field of study. Having other’s viewpoints and critiques can be important to your decision making process related to pros and cons of that particular field of choice. This enables you to gain perspective and insight of job duties, and a viewpoint of the real environment.
Nurse Practitioner Core Competencies
Nurse Practitioner Core Competencies are a set of competencies that guides and regulates the scope of practice for Certified Nurse Practitioners (CNP). Patients and organizations benefit highly from nurses working at the top of the education in their profession. As a license Advance Professional, education will help innovate and govern our needs related to patient care, safety, evidence-base practice, and improvement of positive patient outcomes. Nurse Practitioner Core Competencies consist of Leadership, Quality, Practice Inquiry, Technology/Information Literacy, Policy, Health Delivery System, Ethics, and Independent Practice Competencies.
CNP’s role requires leadership qualifications. Therefore, advance practice nurses should be knowledgeable and demonstrate critical thinking skills. Leadership skills should help foster collaboration, while providing improvements for cost effective health care. It’s important for leaders to be able to initiate change and have communication skills. Collaboration
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