Progressive Rock Band: Pierce The Veil

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Pierce the Veil is my favorite band and they mean a lot to me. They are a progressive rock band from San Diego that started in 2006. The band is made up of four members; Tony Perry, Jamie Preciado, Vic and Mike Fuentes. I have seen them a couple of times live and I have met Vic Fuentes twice. I started to listen to them when I was about thirteen and it helped me a lot when I was going through a lot of stuff. It may have seemed like just music to most people but it was a lot more to me and it helped me get through everything. I don’t think I would have gotten through some of that stuff without Pierce the Veil because they were always there and when I was in middle school I didn’t have someone to talk to so they were the thing that I went to…show more content…
The first concert I went to was at the Aztec arena. They were on a world tour with Sleeping with Sirens and they had Pvris as an opening band. At first they were only in San Diego for one day and I was so sad that they sold out so I wouldn't be able to see them but then they added another day. I got tickets to the concert for Christmas and I went with my friend Kassandra. I’d never been to the Aztec arena because I usually go to SOMA. At the arena there is a pit and than seats all around it, I was expecting the pit to be crazy because it was closest to the stage. However, that was not how it was, the pit was really chill and most people were sitting down but in the seats almost everyone was standing up and dancing around. At one point of the concert it got really dark and everyone who was sitting in the stands had their phones out and they were lighting up the room. It was a good experience for my first time seeing them live. The second time I saw Pierce the Veil it was at Warped Tour 2015. I went with my friends Leighanna, Kassandra, Monique, and Matthew. We had all spent the night at my house and than we went to the Chargers stadium where warped tour was being held. Warped tour is a big gathering where a bunch of different types of bands come and play. It goes all around America and they play for thousands of people. I have been to warped tour twice and I love it, it is such an amazing
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