Project Clerk : My Role As A Management Engineer Essay

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Our team has five members, one leader, and four followers. Our goal is to come up with a tool that can help people(mainly towards students) make their decision in a more efficient way by means of using Excel. Moreover, let every member in the team join the whole process, such as brain storm, group meeting, coding and writing report,etc...So that everyone can experience different things and learn how to think and work as a management engineer.

Bohengtai Xu (Project Clerk): My role in the team is project clerk. I took charge of the creating basic functions of our project, and I was also one of the writers of our team. In milestone two, I completed 4 description of functions and summarize all the functions in rationale (Nemish edited it). In the milestone three, I created two functions in Excel, which is “events reminder” and “time calculator”. For the fourth milestone, I organized and took charge in the organization of our report as well as writing the draft copy. Moreover, I also assist to complete the Powerpoint and rubric.

Nancy (Project Clerk): Throughout the project, my most prominent role was the secretary (mostly for milestone 4). For the first milestone, I created the Ishikawa, which outlined what kind of a tool the group wanted to created, why we want to make this, and how. Next in the second milestone, the team created a list of 8 functions we would like to implement in the tool. I was in charge of making the descriptions for all the functions. By
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