Project Execution

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Introduction The project execution phase of the Project Management Lifecycle is exactly where the work gets done. This is the third phase of the project management life cycle, after Initiation and planning phase project enter into execution phase. In this phase literally project get start to build. Whether it is the building house of a project, changing a process project, or anything kind of project in between, where we can say that the work has begun. Figure 1: Project Management Execution Phase Source: ( In this stage, whatever comes out from plan phase get executed and the project work gets complete. Most of the time and depend on the project type, this is the longest…show more content…
Project Team Responsibilities for Execution Phase Project Manager is responsible for performance measurement which includes finding variances between planned and actual work, cost and schedule. The project manager assigns the tasks to the team members and they follow the required course of action. The project manager provides the status reports to all the vital stakeholders in order to provide visibility. The Stakeholders review the metrics and variance and initiate necessary steps for the variances determined in order to complete the project within budget and time. The basic processes of the Project Execution and Control are the execution of the project plan and reviewing the metrics and producing the status reports. The change control process defines the procedures to handle the changes that are introduced during the project execution and control phase. The facilitating processes during Project Execution and Control can be: * Quality Assurance and Quality Control. * Performance Monitoring. * Information Distribution or Status Reporting. * Project Administration. * Risk Monitoring and Control. * Scope Control. * Schedule and Cost Control. * Contract Administration. Project Execution and Control Phase has a direct correlation to project progress and stakeholder 's expectations. If the minor issues are not noticed, they impact cost, schedule and risk and see the project from the Project Plan, thus
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