Project Plan For The Golden Dragon Hotel

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iii. Cultivate and communicate with essential influencers
a. This is to assure their comprehension of the business and its desired growth. iv. Establish, preserve and protect a strict public policy which involves the senior managers on a range of affairs, including transportation and sustainability.
a. This is to promote the satisfaction of the stakeholders as well as build a strong and well-situated name for the Golden Dragon Hotel.

2.4 Project Plan

This Project Schedule will follow a suitable schedule and phases of a project based from the recommendations for a project plan by Harvard Business Review in their 2016 article, The Four Phases of Project Management. These include Planning, Build Up, Implementation and Closeout. Following is
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It will also detail what milestones must be met to be able to successfully coordinate effort within the project timeline and meet the inauguration date as planned, without the milling of any other milestones nor the compromising of any nor all deliverables. Finally, it ensures the appropriate risk mitigation is in place to meet the final deliverables and the timeline requirements within every project phase.

2. Requirements Gathering Phase: In this phase, as business analyst will write a requirements document based on the results gathered from a competitive analysis , the current projects stakeholder analysis and lessons learnt from previous hotels failure.

a. Competitive Analysis – During the competitive analysis the business analyst will analyze the hotel market and performance of all the hotels within a 50 to 100-mile range of the Golden Dragon Hotel, to study and set room prices during the various seasons in the year. This will allow the Golden Dragon Hotel to not only be priced with other hotels competitively, but to also know the pulse of the market so that they neither drop prices when not necessary nor have prices too high when competitors are cheap. The hotel will be able to look at operating the hotel so that it is profitable year-round instead of imply during one season.

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