Project Leadership Roles at TriHealth

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The generation of projects within an organization can be considered one of the most important methods that an organization can use to reach their strategic goals. When projects are created and/or generated the roles needed for the project are identified and filled to meet the needs of the human resource project. The organization of Tri Health oversees the responsibilities of similar health facilities and hospitals. Due to the growth of TriHealth the need for defined roles and responsibilities for projects was implemented to ensure the best quality assurance for all parties involved. In every aspect of project management there are a vary of goals and if there are not policies and procedures in place total dysfunction can take
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Reorganize any two (2) roles at TriHealth that result in shared responsibilities and then state why you chose those two roles.
The main ingredient needed for the successful completion of any project is communication. As a project manager it is important that he/she prepare the sophisticated work plan and timeline. He is also responsible for the productivity and progress of team and the development or implementation of the recommended next steps. Therefore after careful consideration, I would reorganize the roles of the sponsor/stakeholders and project managers/leader. Throughout the project there has to be a constant communication between the project manager and the sponsor, so in my opinion the sponsor is actually capable of doing the job of the project manager. The sponsor is involved in the initiating planning, executing, and closing stages of the project, he can very well manage the project. In my opinion, these two roles are similar and the sponsor has final say on the result of the project. So I believe if time permits for the sponsor the individual can be the sponsor and project leader. In turn, in time the sponsor can manage his own project and receive assistance from the Performance Improvement Consultant (PIC). This person will a mentor of sorts, he can provide direction, management advice, plus
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