Project Management : A Core Factor

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Abstract Project management tools have evolved to become a core factor in the overall scientific and technical approach to any project at any scale. The be all and end all of project management software programs does not stop at Microsoft Project, in fact the alternative open source project management tools popularity is increasing. This document critically compares the two tools and evaluates the techniques used. Project management advances have not occurred on the software tool front only, the project management team required and their roles and responsibilities input are also explored in this document. Introduction For optimum project performance and delivery it is widely accepted that it can no longer be achieved without the use of…show more content…
In today’s day and age incredible advances have occurred in the systematic division of roles and responsibilities among which individuals are liable and traceable for their every move, these however can be transferred from one position to another, often towards the more senior positions. Todays project teams are executing projects remotely across different countries parallel with the advance of communication channels such as email and video conferencing. The saying’s go, a ship with two captains cannot stay a float, an army without a commander is lost. Although, these are classical metaphors, projects have recognised more than ever the importance of both the project manager and the team surrounding them, particularly complicated projects. The structure of the team will impact the way the project is executed on many levels, including efficiency, economy and ultimately success or failure. In any case, the project manager’s role is to lead the team. Body Depending on the user, in particular more advanced users with computer programming capability, open source programs may be preferred because it gives the user more control and the ability to enhance the program. When comparing the two, MS Project can be an expensive investment, where as many open
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