Project Management Is a Set of Practical Skills and Understanding Managers Use to Complete a Project

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In adding up to the definition by Project Management Institute which was submitted at the beginning of this proposal, a substantial numbers of experts have defined project management. Kerzner (2009) stated that project management is the application of knowledge, expertise and skills, and the best technical way with limited resources in the company to achieve specific targets in order to achieve optimum results in terms of performance, time, quality and safety. Based on this perspective, it is found that project management is a set of practical understanding and skills which project managers need in accomplishing their project in organizations for satisfying result, Nicholas and Steyn (2012). However, the application of project management …show more content…

Project Management Institute (2013) stated that a good understanding of project life cycle has to be balanced with a good understanding on process groups of project management. Nevertheless, contradictory situation occurs when electricity transmission contractors of PLN execute contracts on constructing transmissions and substations. Therefore, it is needed to collect five basic understanding about process groups in project management as standardized in the PMBOK Guide 5th Edition as follows. First, initiating process is the formal beginning by having authorization to start the project which is considered as the very first group in the sequence of project management (PMI, 2013). Second, planning process is a process with its main goal to create project management plan that can be translated into planning documents (PMI, 2013). Third, execute process is all about execution of the project that has been laid out in the project management plan (PMI, 2013). Four, monitoring and controlling process is a process of measuring and comparing in order to track all variables and make adjustments needed (PMI, 2013). Five, closing process is the last but not least process group which verify all of the activities that have been completed in order to close the project (PMI, 2013).
3.4. 10 Knowledge Areas
In the PMBOK Guide 5th Edition, Project Management Institute added one more into the knowledge areas so that it becomes 10. The one is Project

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