Project Management : A Unique Product, Service, Or Result?

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Many of us work in different projects through our lives and use project management without even realizing it. According to Larson and Gray, a project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result (Gray & Larson, 2014). Project management provides the necessary tools and required steps to accomplish the task. For project management to be successful it must have a clear objective, have a defined life span, involve the necessary departments or people who can help achieve the goal, and know the time, cost and performance required (Gray & Larson, 2014). Project management is not only used in the personal life, rather it is used by organizations. Any company that has future plans needs to be able to use project management effectively in order to succeed. Depending on the size and complexity of the project, completing the task could be an extremely difficult and lengthy process. Simple Bank is an organization that has been in the banking business for over thirty years. Most of its growth has been in the last couple of decades. The company more than double the amount of employees and has reached new heights in the banking world. Due to its rapid growth, the existing location is becoming smaller and there is a huge need for more square footage and parking space. Having to relocate the corporate office will require an intensive amount of work around the clock. Every minute production is stopped in the moving process, millions of dollars can be
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