Theories On Project Management And Personal Practice

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1. Introduction
In nowadays society, the using of project management is more and more common today. The entrepreneurs are more likely to employ staffs who have learnt project management. So that learning the skill of project management is more useful and also important now. Larson and Erik (2011) mention that good project manager are trained or come from experience, not born. For this reason, in this essay it will discuss the fit between some published theories on project management and personal practice as a result of my participation in the Fit as a Fiddle project.

2. Project human resource management
2.1 Team development
A project team is a group of people who working together to accomplish the project objective. According to …show more content…

Larson and Erik (2006, p344) state that “this stage is marked by a high degree of internal conflict.” From my experience, we do not have this phenomenon in our teamwork. Our team members are behave a positive side and completed task on time.
The third stage is the norming stage. In this stage the group cohesion will be developed and the team members start to understand each other and know their abilities Larson and Erik (2006, p345). For a few week’s meeting, we were become know each other and their complementary skills in the project, for instance, one member good at mathematics, one member good at PC skills and etc. This is coinciding to the norming theory.
After the norming stage it becomes performing stage. Our working was worked smoothly, after we know each other’s strength, we allocating task directly to the members and all of us were concentrating to accomplishing the project goals. Just as Clear and Khan (2010, p62) mentioned that in this stage, “the team is highly committed and eager to achieve the project objective.”
2.2 Leadership and Motivation
In order to create an effective project team, the project manager must not only have efficient administrative skills and technical, but also need appropriate style of leadership. Appropriate style of leadership will encourages the team members deal with problems and provide ideas for the project to achieve its objective (Burke, 1999, p278). From our teamwork the leadership style of our team

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