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Spring 11 IE 5541: Project Management Homework #6
You can work on this assignment individually, or in a group of 2 or 3. If you work as a team, please turn in one copy of the assignment.

The product management aspect of this case is showing its age: published in 2006, and set in 2002 - 3. Some of you will question their technology choices. Do your best to focus on the PM aspects, assuming that their technology choices were appropriate for a conservative company at that time.

A major managerial challenge is analyzing project plans rendered in MS Project (or other software) and determining their chance of success. Rather than looking at the basic issues of a project, many managers …show more content…

However, on p.5, it has become May 2003. Please use 2003 (the (B) part of the case continues with the 2003 assumption)

Spring 11 IE 5541: Project Management Homework #6 o   o Accrue at = Prorated

6. Input your Material Resources (p 5 “Physical Infrastructure”) Add Workstation and Server as Material Resources (be sure to include the unit in the resource name) Accrue at = Start Be careful. Dr Jeffery (the case author) wrote created the case using MP Project 2003 (which did have a higher number of odd behaviors). In fact, the instructors’ guide for this case states: … MS Project [can seem] ‘buggy’…. [T]he problem is … often that MS Project is not calculating duration correctly, given the number of resources for each task. We suggest that students sense-check this manually for each task of the final project plan. I don’t seem to have problems with this assignment using MS Project 2007. In the past, a few students have had problems with unbalanced work packages (W  D * Units). The problems often occur in the lines Design Capture Customer Profile Page and Design View & Search Product Cart. Take care and work carefully with multiple backups. If you have trouble that can’t be easily resolved: clear leveling (if you have already leveled resources), delete the problematic line, carefully re-add the line. 8. Assign Material Resources to Work Products o We can assume that the Workstations and Servers are readily available. Add them as

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