Project Management : Planning And Scheduling

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Planning is always helpful for any project even its small or big project. A project without planning has negative impact on their result. Proper planning will consider all task before implementing them into business and can give idea about all possibilities. It can help to break big task into small task and make process smoother. Planning is helping project manager to use their past knowledge in future project. Project planning is the process where project manager decide all the steps to implement and mapped based on the past data, their knowledge, and relative information. When project has been initiated, the first step is planning and scheduling. There are three success criteria that apply to any project is time, requirement and cost. Time-Project needs to complete in fix time and budget. Here budget refers to cost. Project managers has to control on budget. if it’s limited. Project needs to meet their requirement. These success criteria can’t meet without planning. Human resource planning process should be organize, well –managed and can lead the project team. Human resource planning process shall identify and prepare documentation for project role and responsibilities. Human resource planning is used to identify human resource for necessary skilled required to get success in project. Human resource plan will have following components. • Roles and responsibilities • Project organization chart • Staff acquisition and release • Training needs • Team building strategy •
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