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| Move the Pyramid Project | | MUMMYMOVERS | project proposal | | MOVE THE PYRAMID PROJECT Table of Contents Table of Contents Executive Summary 4 Management Proposal 5 Management Approach 5 Organizational Chart 6 Scope Statement: 6 Project Justification: 6 Requirements: 6 Deliverables: 6 Project Success Criteria: 7 Project Team Members: 7 Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) 8 MSP Activities, Sequencing & Dependencies 8 MSP Schedule, Network & Critical Path 8 Management Risk Analysis 8 Potential threats identified: 8 Risk analysis: 8 Risk Strategies/Strategy Options: 8 Managing risk: 9 Reviewing risk/Monitor and control: 9 Risk Management Plan 9 Methodology 9 Roles and…show more content…
Whenever possible we will recreate or reclaim original materials to maintain the integrity of the original Pyramid. We will coat the new Great Pyramid with our patented MagicShell™ product. This product will seal the stones protecting Khufu’s Pyramid from any further damages created by the environment. This product was invented by MummyMovers in 1990 and is a sealant that allows natural resource material to repel elements like smog, sand storms, or acid rain from their damaging effects while maintaining an undetectable appearance. The usual cost of the application is 10% plus cost, but we will apply it free of charge as part of our contribution to this historical endeavor. Our true passion is preserving history and we would like to help Egypt preserve this national treasure for everyone to enjoy for eternity. We estimate this project will take just under 10 years to complete. The cost of the multi-purpose facility, roadway and railway, dismantling and rebuilding of Khufu’s Pyramid, as well as other costs such as utilities, temporary housing, equipment, equipment storage facilities, and salaries, less marketing subsidies is estimated at $758 billion USD (4,366,000 Egyptian Pounds). We are proposing a cost plus incentive fee contract with a target incentive fee of 12.1%. This brings the total GOE cost to $850 million USD (4,895,000,000 Egyptian pounds). Please see the cost proposal for a
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