Project Management Techniques And Control Systems Essay

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Project management techniques Introduction Project management is a challenging task with many complex responsibilities. Fortunately, there are many techniques available to assist with accomplishing the tasks and hence executing the responsibilities. Such techniques include project planning, scheduling and controlling. The elements that need to be planned, scheduled and controlled are time, cost and quality. Different methods have therefore to be used in cost planning and control systems, time planning, scheduling and controlling systems, and quality planning and control system. Organisational techniques will enable the project resources such as labour, material and plant to be ordered at the right time and when directing the resources for work it will be ideally stated. A chain of command will exist when organisational structure is in place (Oberlender, 1993). These techniques have sprung up at an ever increasing rate. When perusing any engineering or project management magazine or browsing on the internet one will be amazed by the number of software packages offering various project management techniques implemented through project management software. According to Reiss (1992), a range of project management techniques and concept are applied to a wide range of tasks that really do not have any singularity. The techniques and tools have spread into areas where there is a degree of repetition. Walker (2002) agrees with this sentiment, and states that these techniques are
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