Project Management Tool Of Choice For Businesses Essay

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Introductory Overview
Project management is a critical process in organization, as it entails planning and implementing projects in line with the available time, human resource and financial resources. Successful project management is based on the available systems available. The automation of the project management has become the norm, whereby project managers use tailored software and applications to design, plan and implement projects, along with appropriate control and regulation. For a long time, the waterfall project management has been the project management tool of choice for businesses (Cervone, 2011). Organizations using the waterfall project management toll realize great success, including proper scheduling and completion. However, despite the benefits and returns arising from the use of the waterfall project management tool, recent developments and creation of newer, more efficient and reliable project management systems has rendered the waterfall system obsolete. As a result, organizations that still use the waterfall system may not be as competitive as other that use the new technologies, such as the agile project management tool.
Statement of Research Problem
The current situation, especially in software development projects, is such that the agile model has found applications. However, there are confusions as to whether the agile project management model is any different from the traditional approaches. This is so because most of the tenets of

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