Project Proposal For An Implementation Of Mobile Application Keywords Contextual Targeting

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n the MSc report always use third person writing – the only exception is the Academic declaration section which should be in the first person. Type should be 11 pt for all text, 14pt for chapter titles and 12pt for section and subsection titles. In the title page you should use 16 pt for the title of the project, 14 pt for the author’s name and 12 pt for affiliations.


This project proposal is a specification and plan for an implementation of mobile application keywords contextual targeting. The functionality of mobile implementation will live up to several basic requirements regard to Search Engine Optimisation, Information Retrieval and mobile application, in an effort to develop a manual keywords phrases clusters. I …show more content…

Information Retrieval view 8
3.1 Unigram model 8
3.2 Applying methodology to Unigram model 8
4. Mobile application 10
4.1 User Journey 10
4.2 Technical 10
5. Conclusion 11
5.1 Objectives 11
5.2 Schedule 11
Appendix A 11

1. Introduction
One of the ranking factors is how relevant can be your content which represents your web page according to Google and Bing Page Rank functions. The basic Search Engine techniques for the content, that can be HTML code. Most of the web pages might not use an appropriate structure of HTML code [Extra 15], so when a user search a query those web sites can not show as a results on Google. Because the keywords can not occur in URL and meta tags, the web site is not a result. It can be part of the results for specific keywords if the web site content has the query 's keywords. Furthermore, the editor of the web page has to add new keywords or phrases on web page, for optimizing the web site position on search engine results page. Additionally, mobile applications are tend to using for search, so I will build a mobile application which provide keywords idea based on specific Search Engine techniques and Information Retrieval algorithm.

1.1 Aim
The aim of this project is a mobile application that will be helpful for checking Search Engine techniques (HTML code) and given new keywords ideas to add phrases or keywords on your web page. My aims are shown below:
To develop a mobile application which will

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