Project Proposal For The Charter

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Project Closeout
The project was initiated with the creation of the charter. The charter was made to set up the project and summarize its goals, vision, objectives, constraints, deliverables, scope, business needs, assumptions and vision. Throughout the whole project, the charter was used as a reference to remind us what the purpose of the project was. The project charter formally established the legitimacy of the project and allowed the project manager to have an authority over applying organizational resources to the project activities. The charter also listed out the sponsor of the project and people responsible for the project. After approving the charter, the project was formally initiated and the project manager was officially …show more content…

In my opinion, project control is a valuable process in the sense that every task is carefully measured analyzed. By doing this, the project manager can always make adjustments to meet the priorities of the project. Adjustments are made to the project management plan. Project execution focuses on the processes that are designed to carry out the tasks listed in the project management plan in order to meet all the specifications. In order to meet all the specifications, this process requires “coordinating people and resources, managing stakeholder expectations, as well as integrating and performing the activities of the project in accordance with the project management plan”. Just like the action plan, project execution may require updates in planning as progress is made. Some of these changes may affect resources availability and productivity, unexpected risks and accessibility. Some benefits Earned Value Management provides are that it allows management to stay well updated with the progress of the project. Because of this, management will always make sure that all project parameters are on track and everything runs smoothly. Another advantage is that if there are any issues, performance measurements will aid in bringing the project back on track and avoid any major delays. Some disadvantages of Earned Value Management are that quality is not considered unlike cost and time. The lack of

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