Project Proposal : The Big Idea

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Response to Project Proposal The Big Idea Background This project is about coming up with a business idea for The Big Issue which is one of the largest social enterprises in Australia, which helps in the solutions to homelessness in the community. A social enterprise is operated as a usual business except that it invest back its profits back into the business, and has goals to achieve social and environmental outcomes .As this is a not for profit organization the business idea project should include the elements to operate as not for profit. Scope Discussion Discuss with our team members in order to develop the concept of the big idea as per the definition of social enterprise. Consider the following questions while addressing the key definitions of social enterprise, social business and The Big Issue. How our business idea is going to create opportunities which are meaningful to the homeless, marginalized and the disadvantage people in the community? What sort of activity of the business will generate a social outcome? Identify the social outcome and the activities which are to be used to achieve those social outcomes. Get information from the available tools such as a logical framework approach. How this business idea will be scalable for growth in the future? Consider the business idea within the definition of a scalable business which increases the revenues and lower the cost to deliver than its current revenues. When a business is conducted as scalable
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