Bus 521 Complete Course Bus521 Complete Course

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BUS 521 Complete Course BUS521 Complete Course
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BUS 521 Week 1 Discussion
"Entrepreneurship and Business Model" Please respond to the following: * From the e-Activity, debate the role entrepreneurship plays in America. Next, determine three to five potential advantages and challenges that entrepreneurial ventures must consider. Justify your response. * Choose two companies from the same industry that have been deemed successful by the standards of that industry. Analyze each of the company’s business models. Next, evaluate the characteristics of
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Evaluate and compare how each niche distinguishes itself from its competitors in terms of market size, opportunity for advertisement, market need, and ability to sustain the business long term.
BUS 521 Week 3 Assignment 1
Assignment 1: Business Plan Part I – Business Vision
Due Week 3 and worth 180 points
Note: Refer to scenarios and reading assignments from previous weeks to complete this assignment.
Imagine you are hired by a new start-up company. You are tasked to recognize and explore a new business opportunity of creating a new product or service for your company. As part of your new business vision, you will create a business plan describing all keys elements of the business opportunity which will ultimately be presented to an executive team in a venture capital group for possible funding and execution.
Part I of the business plan will describe your business vision you plan to undertake in your company.
Write a five to six (5-6) page in which you: 1. Compile a business vision about the type of product or service you think your company needs to develop. Next, describe the business values and corporate values that you want to create. 2. Determine the need for the new product or service. Next, provide an overview of the market you intend to enter, and defend why this market is ripe for the introduction of this product or service at this particular time. 3. Determine the type of business model you will use for your new

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