Project Requirements And Other Assumptions Essay

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Summarize the project requirements and other assumptions (e.g., budget, human resources, workload, environmental dependencies, etc.) As the project manager for the IT department, the project of deploying a new VoIP phone system to the company’s campus has been assigned. The campus consists of three different buildings, each with twenty to fifty workstations. The project must be completed in 90 calendar days starting on December 1. Budget The IT department has been given a budget of $25,000 to complete the project. The budget includes the equipment, the installation, all software and licensure used to operate and maintain the VoIP throughout all three (3) buildings. An estimate is required if outsourcing to a local installation company is decided upon. The estimate must be approved by the President or CEO of the company before any work is performed or started. Human Resources The human resources put in place would include the President or CEO of the company, the CIO (Chief Information Officer), the CFO (Chief Financial Officer); the IT manager, the IT Administrator, and the Network Engineer. It is up to these guys to figure out the best way and the best route to take in order to get the signals for VoIP across all three (3) buildings while staying within the budget. Since the buildings are pretty close together, maybe looking at Point-to-Point would be ideal for this small company. Point-to-Point may also be the cheapest way to go with such a small company of 20 to 50
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