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Project Risk Management Assessment Essay Student ID: 27465209 Word Count: 2997 MANG6143 Project Risk Management Prof Chris Chapman University of Southampton March 2015 Contents 1. Introduction 3 2. PART1: PUMP approach 4 3. PART2: Third phase in PUMP approach 9 4. PART3: Evaluation phase in PUMP approach 13 5. References 16 Introduction The completion of any project depends on the execution of various parameters mostly set at the beginning of the project. In order to complete the project to satisfactory levels, the project must be completed within the stipulated timelines, fall within the approximate budget and be of the required quality standards. However, most of the projects are affected by adverse changes and unforeseen events that occur during the execution period. Research shows that the magnitude of change is dependent on the size of the project, with large projects experiencing more uncertainties due to several factors including; planning and design complexity, interest groups having deferring opinions, resource availability, Economic and political climate and statutory regulations, which may necessitate change of plan. Most of the uncertainties are known to occur in the concept phase and if not intervened, they may affect the entire project. The burden falls on the management of such risk as some managers choose to ignore the uncertainties since they call for additional costs. Other inherent risks may go unnoticed and therefore remain unsolved,

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