Promoting Gender Equality And Empowering Women

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In the September of 2000, the United Nations came together to create a list of target goals to better lives across the globe; these goals were created to promote development in areas where poverty, disease and inequality was the most devastating in order for all countries to come together to form a global partnership. Eight ultimate goals were created with targets to reach by the year 2015. All goals are important and necessary to create sustainable living for all, but one goal is most important to be addressed because without it, the other goals’ development suffers. promoting gender equality and empowering women is an urgent matter, especially in a region such as North Africa and Southwest Asia. Female Seclusion in the Gulf States limits…show more content…
Promoting gender and empowering women goes much farther than simply eliminating discrepancy in education. Addressing that matter will then open up an infinite amount of opportunities to provide the solution to each of the eight Millennium Development Goals. For example, providing women with a more enhanced education will lead to more women pursuing more education and more distinguished careers and as a trend more women will put off marriage and childbearing. This immediately affects Millennium Development Goals four and five— reducing child mortality and improving maternal health. In a lot of developing countries, women are typically married off and having children at very young ages when their bodies are still developing. Carrying a developing child is dangerous when the mother’s body is not even fully developed and many times this leads to child mortality and maternal mortality. Therefore, women putting off childbearing and establishing a career first will increase the health of both the mother and the child. According to the 2015 MDG Report, equality has been achieved in primary education between boys and girls which fulfills Millennium Development Goals two and three, achieving universal primary education and promoting gender equality. As a result, maternal mortality has fallen by forty-five percent and child mortality has been more than halved. Promoting
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