Women 's Rights And Empowerment

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In the Name of Honor
She was a young girl with a powerful voice. Her story is one of bravery and defiance. With the help of her father, she became an important activist for the free education of women not only in Pakistan, but throughout the world. As many people encouraged her movement, she became nominated for several renowned peace prizes, and also became a target for the Taliban. One day on the way home from school she was cornered on a bus and shot in the head by a Taliban member. Yet her life prevailed. The girl’s name is Malala Yousafzai, and she lives on as a nineteen-year old woman who continues to fight for women’s rights and empowerment around the globe. Many other girls from Pakistan are not so lucky (“Malala Yousafzai”, 2014).
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Expressing sexuality, having contact or engaging in sexual activity with the opposite sex (including rape), choosing one’s own spouse, rejecting an arranged marriage, fleeing a forced marriage, wanting to leave a marriage — all allegedly bring shame and dishonor to one’s family (Selby, 2016).

Women are viewed as property in many ‘traditional’ societies, which explains why the deceased are predominantly female and the killers are customarily men. Those who commit honor killings often feel that the harsh violence is the only option left. The killers are supported, and even encouraged by others who proudly support the murder as being the right and necessary action (Barbash, 2016). Honor killings are an integrated part of many societies and often go unpunished. Countries do not officially support these killings in the name of honor, yet Bangladesh, Syria. Venezuela, Egypt, and other countries do allow it as dense against charges, either partially or in full (Bryant, 2010). In Pakistan particularly, murderers consistently evade prosecution because the law allows the family of a victim to forgive the killer (Kristof, 2016). The victim is often the killer’s own family member, and either by persuasion or threat, the criminal is forgiven and the case is dropped. The means of the killings can range from execution style shootings to being burned alive (Shah, 2016).
The frequency of honor killings in Pakistan are increasing as the violence transitions from small,
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